Released: 2018-11-28
  • Errors are submitted to the server to allow easier remote support.
  • Bug fix where closing the application did not stop the media playing.
Released: 2018-02-24
  • Bug fix when storing last refresh date for songs and media where the time on the server is different to the client
Released: 2018-02-10
  • Added a context menu to perform basic admin tasks
Released: 2018-02-10
  • Show a confirmation refresh icon or an error icon on the projection client (in the bottom right hand corner) when requesting a refresh from the remote page.
Released: 2017-08-09
  • Change options while a song is projecting; switch off the lyrics, audio, or background.
  • Note: Enabling or disabling the audio during playback pauses the audio (if audio type allows) - it does not stop and restart from the beginning.
Released: 2017-08-06
  • Minor improvements to song projection auto resume on a new browser, or a refresh of the current remote control page
Released: 2017-08-06
  • Resume projection if you have switched to another device, the remote for the current song will automatically open. This will allow you to continue controlling the song from it's current state.
Released: 2017-08-05
  • Bug fix when adding local media to determine the correct media type background / audio
Released: 2017-05-24
  • Local media bug fixes for local audio vs server audio
Released: 2017-05-06
  • Minor user interface improvements when browsing for local media
Released: 2017-02-18
  • Internal support for local media
Released: 2015-09-10
  • Change to HTTPS for connections to server
Released: 2015-06-21
  • First release